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13 Days: A Ritual Practice

Practice prompts and downloadable materials to focus and direct your energy in the service of an intention. This course focuses on foundational self-care ritual as a potent tool for accessing personal power and clarifying purpose.

Offered for Free through the Wild Soul School, 13 Days includes an introduction to ritual practice, daily videos and experiential inspiration for cultivating your own ritual practice.

You can also create an extended meditation by devoting more time to each of the ritual prompts. What would it feel like to move slowly through and deepen your practice in awareness?  Slowness encourages mindfulness, bioconnection, ancestral connection and an opportunity for revelation of your own unique gnosis. 

This course is available in a self-study format, but two or more times a year I offer a supported collective practice with live opening and closing rituals.  Register for the course to receive up to date information on the next live practice.

This class is gifted with no expectations.  If you would like to support this work you can donate via my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, and receive a tax receipt.


 OR you can become a patron of this work through Patreon where I offer additional rituals, first release creations, behind-the-scenes videos and other collaborative resources.  Click here to become a patron.