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The Wild Soul School: Nonlinear, Inquiry-Based, Earth Honoring

Self- Study Classes At The Wild Soul School

Although I am not currently able to teach or offer personal support while I tend my health, these classes are available for self-study as a gift.

What is The Wild Soul School?

The Wild Soul School is a virtual location for community practice with a focus on reweaving ancestral wisdom traditions and healing earth-based culture.  We connect to the earth and each other through writing, art and experiential education.

All Wild Soul School courses are meant to be accessible to everyone, and are offered as a gift. 

33 Weeks With the Runic Feminine

Create your own set of runes and delve into the sacred art of personal gnosis work with these ancient beings.  This inquiry based, experiential exploration includes weekly rune lore, meditations and practices to begin, develop or deepen your personal relationship with the runes.

This class is nonlinear and may be joined at any time.

Tuition:  By gift.


The Power Class

What happens when we consciously claim our power from diversions and patterns that don't serve our goals?

What is possible when we have the courage to channel all of our energy in the direction of our desires?

We divert our power as fear, anger, shame, grief, disappointment, complaining and exhaustion. All are potent emotions and experiences, but how are they working for us?

We also have given away our power to people, places and patterns that do not serve us.

It is time to change the story. For five weeks this course works to reshape lineage patterns, reclaim power given away and develop a map for empowered action-transformation.

Class includes:

Thirteen days of self-care instruction to prepare for The Power Class.

Step by step guidance to creating a Power Class structure.

The Personal Power Self-Assessment and Workbook

Five audio class recordings with instruction, meditations and ceremony.

Begins on the Dark Moon

Ends on the Waning Crescent Moon

This course is nonlinear and may be joined at any time.

Tuition: By gift.


13 Days: A Ritual Practice

Practice prompts and downloadable materials to focus and direct your energy in the service of an intention. This course focuses on foundational self-care ritual as a potent tool for accessing personal power and clarifying purpose.

13 Days includes an introduction to ritual practice, daily videos and experiential inspiration for cultivating your own ritual practice.

You can also create an extended meditation by devoting more time to each of the ritual prompts. What would it feel like to move slowly through and deepen your practice in awareness?  Slowness encourages mindfulness, bioconnection, ancestral connection and an opportunity for revelation of your own unique gnosis. 

This course is available in a self-study format, but two or more times a year I offer a supported collective practice with live opening and closing rituals.  Register for the course to receive up to date information on the next live practice.

This class is gifted.

Ancestral Connection

When people connect with their earth-based spiritual history, they begin to claim and create a life of sovereignty and interconnected healing.  We all have the power within us, lineages of potency connected to source-wisdom, the beings and creatures of the elements, plants, place.

Possible curriculum--still transforming

Week 1:  Following the motherline and claiming your true name

Week 2:  Healing the lineage patterns, weaving wyrd

Week 3: Wights, land and place-based ancestor work

Week 4: Ancestor reverence, care and tending