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Praising the Earth, Remembering the Ancestors

The Land is Everywhere.  We are all of the land.

The word LANDAN is meant to accompany other earth-based spiritualities.  Like Pagan, which means "of the countryside" and Heathen which means "of the heath," Landan simply means "of the land," opening the door for a contemporary earth-based practice that roots and honors personal ancestral traditions, along with gnosis and relationship.

Landan practice reveres the earth through lived experience:  wherever you are the beings and creatures of the land are alive and animate.  All places are sacred, all places have spiritual significance.  Landan practice invites personal relationship with the beings where you live.

Our ancestors, known and unknown, also crave relationship.  Landan practice invites the exploration of ancestry and ancient earth-based spirituality.  My personal Landan path is studying the myths and traditions of northern Europe, so much of the art I create is in reverence for those roots.

The Landan path is circuitous, simultaneous, nonlinear, animate and often contradictory.  I'll pay homage to Walt Whitman here, "Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself.  I am large, I contain multitudes."  


Resisting linear trajectories and dualism (right/wrong, good/bad, light/dark) frees us from many contemporary philosophical traps and allows for a life more in alignment with earth, myth and possibility.  I don't mean to reject these concepts entirely, because that would be defeating, rather, to hold the both.  

Reclaiming/claiming words like Pagan, Heathen and Witch have been the potent beginning of discovery:  a whole new world of etymology, a whole new way of living faith.  Landan is an integration in process:  a living breathing soul fresh from the sea, a term so old it defies origin.

So, an offering: a word.


Next, a collective of solitary practicioners interested in living with the Land and the Ancestors.  

Introducing the seed story for The Church of Ancestral Wisdom, a space for eclectic spiritual practice.

We are a collective of devotional participants committed to exploration of soul traditions fragmented or lost.  We seek connection with living earth beings and our ancient ancestors, and ask them to guide us as we live on earth today.

The Church is a teaching-learning community.  We are currently creating our Charter of Faith.  Contact us for more information or to join the process.


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*this is only one of many names in exploration...a starting point, creation place


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