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Sacred Art

Art is a huge part of my healing practice.  In the process of making art I find solace, joy and reconnection. Art is ritual and devotion.

Much of my inspiration is mythic, rooted in ancient lifeways and earth-based spiritual practices long forgotten. Myths and art become a tool for integration, re-membering the web of wyrd and reweaving a life of meaning and purpose.

Several contemporary authors have inspired my journey through the mythic:  Max Dashú's book Witches and Pagans has been a remarkable resource for understanding the potent feminine roots of ancient myth.  Ralph Metzner's The Well of Remembrance addresses  the reluctance of descendants of European ancestry to pursue investigation of their earth-based spiritual lineage due to fear and misunderstanding, and the psychic holes we all bear as a result.  The work of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas has contributed substantially to my understanding of ancient Europe, specifically reverence for the sacred creative feminine.  The field of archaeomythology, as introduced to me by Dr. Mara Keller, has helped me to synthesize art, spirit, archaeology, mythology and root my artistic journeys in academic resources.

This art is all completed in ceremony, some of it rooted in communal gnosis, some personal, some attached to lore, some drawn from the deepest well, that of faith and relationship.

My work was featured at the Association for the Study of Women in Mythology Symposium in 2021. Patrons receive downloadable art prints, stickers and cards as thanks for their patronage.

You can purchase prints of my art on Society6.

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