Living Ancestral Connection: Reweaving the Threads

NEW: Live Season for 2021

This year we will be exploring Living Ancestral Connection again in preparation for the new year ahead (and the Dark Goddess Project, should you wish to participate).

The class will be hosted with live meetings on Fridays November 19th-December 10th from 12-1pm PST

November 19th: Motherline Weaving and Working With the Dísir

November 26th: Ancestral Animism and Place Based Spirit Work

December 3rd: Healing and Embodied Ancestral Work

December 10th: Ancestral Inquiry and Continuing the Myth Path


This Wild Soul School class is community supported. The class has a suggested donation of $100, or $25 for each week of class. If you enrolled in a previous section of the class but would like to attend the live meetings, please consider making an additional donation to support this work, or become a patron. All donations support the work of Ancestral Connection and the Wild Soul School, and make scholarships possible for everyone who asks.


When people connect with their earth-based spiritual history, they begin to claim and create a life of sovereignty and interconnected healing. We all have the power within us, lineages of potency connected to source-wisdom, the beings and creatures of the elements, plants, place.

I was told in a dream to offer a class in ancestral connection, which has been my soul work for the past seven years. We will explore the potentials of storytelling, genealogy and DNA, but also craft practices to connect with lineage beyond our cultural or familial memory.


According to one model, each of us has in our lineage around six billion ancestors...and that's just from the past 12,000 years.

All of those lives existed to create your life. And the ancestors live on, quite literally, in and through us, shaping our physical and spiritual descendants. Working with the ancestors, learning their stories and myths, their practices and foods, their songs and crafts is an incredible healing.

And ancestors are not simply human. We carry within us the other beings and creatures of this earth. The elements, the wights. We will spend time creating protected channels for ancestral communication, to see who from the human and non-human lineages wishes to speak through you.


This class was first taught online in 2017. Here is the original curriculum:

Week 1: Following the motherline and claiming your true name

Week 2: Wights, land and place-based ancestor work

Week 3: Healing the lineage patterns, weaving wyrd

Week 4: Ancestor reverence, care and tending


This Wild Soul School class is community supported. The class has a suggested donation of $100. All donations support the work of Ancestral Connection and the Wild Soul School, and there are scholarships available for all who ask thanks to the generous support provided by my Patreon and Fractured Atlas communities.  If you need a scholarship please email your request to


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