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Dark Goddess: The Sacred Art of Death Transitions Creativity Group and Book Project

Meeting the Dark Goddess is about stepping toward power and forsaking fear.  

Death transitions visit us all, in the form of loss, illness, difficulty or actual death.  Yet most of us feel betrayed by the challenge of these changes.

Dark Goddess is a journey into the depths of death transitions.  It is a practice, using a mythic song and sacred art to explore the death mysteries, for it is these that allow our fullest living.

My intention was to teach this work as a class, but as I have deepened into my own death transition, the rite of passage inherent in chronic illness cycles, I realized that this is a practice, first.  I have invited patrons into my creative process, and in 2019 we will be working slowly, diligently, simultaneously through the art that transforms:  that of writing, that of sacred art.  

Sacred art practice has always been part of my healing cycles.  

My illness has put me face to face with the Dark Goddess, and as I exit my initiation I am open, receptive to what is coming through.


The Dark Goddess book is visioned as an interactive journey, similar in form to The Moon Divas Guidebook, but identifying death transitions as those rites of passage from which there is no return.  Death transitions involve dissolution, absolute transformation, and confrontation with the chthonic underworld of antiquity and ancestral powers. Infused with grief and loss, these transitions are avoided in our culture, yet the initiations they provide are a necessary source of integrative sovereignty.  Navigated with consciousness and practice, death transitions bring us closer to the joys of life itself.


I am currently raising funds through tax deductible donations with my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.  Donations may be made as a one time gift or as a recurring contribution.  This fund supports both the book and the eventual course series.  

Please consider making a tax deductible gift to support this project, sacred art, and the Wild Soul School.


OR become a patron of this work through Patreon, at the $5 per month level and become a member of the Dark Goddess Creativity Group.   

In the Dark Goddess, Creativity Group you become the soil, nourishing the creation of a new book Dark Goddess: The Sacred Art of Death Transitions, alongside the manifestation of your own creative work.


Members of the Dark Goddess Weaving Circle receive all previous rewards with

**Exclusive access to downloadable draft chapters of Dark Goddess as I write it, posted each moon cycle

**Prompts and activities to structure your own creative process.

**Opportunities to help guide the book's creation and contribute--if desired--to the final product.  

**All Dark Goddess Creativity Group contributors receive acknowledgement in the published book.

Click here to become a patron.


In concept, Dark Goddess spends a year in cyclic exploration.  Here's a tentative timeline:

October:  Death in the Body

February:  Death in Relationship

May: Death Work

August:  Tending the Bones 

All students already enrolled at The Wild Soul School will receive book and course updates.  Book making processes and rituals will be shared on Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/laraveledavesta