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Ancestral Animism: A Practice

New for 2023! Deepen in to the potential of Ancestral Animism through this 13 day guided practice. We will be journeying with all of my favorite re-sourced tools for deepening ancestral connection and opening to animist awareness in an easily accessible practice format.

If you are new to Ancestral Animism or seeking to develop or deepen your own place-based ancestor work, this practice is designed to bolster connection, refresh inspiration and strengthen your confidence in your own gnosis with community.

The guided practice--with daily prompts and opportunities to connect in the Wild Soul School Community--is suggested as preparation for the Spirit and Story sacred writing class, but all are welcome to participate. The synchronous live practice will run from the Solstice, June 21-the Full Moon July 3rd. The nonlinear practice may be joined at any time.

I've been offering a version of these topic-based practices for free since 2017, and they are a wonderful way to strengthen our ties to the earth and each other. I hope you will join us!



Ancestral may be blood lineage, or place lineage. It may be a creative lineage, too.  We are all descended, inspired, woven from so many lineages, and the Ancestral in this  practice invites us to connect with plants, animals, stones, trees, waterways, this sacred universe, this holy earth, as well as a deep understanding of human relationship. It sees all as ancestral. 


Animism says that this world is alive and interacting with us at all times, that our invitation is to be in relationship, offering service and gratitude.  Animism opens the way for a daily life that is centered in earth rhythms, a direct and continuous spiritual relationship that is ever present in the everyday: breath, movement, food, drink, tending and honoring. 

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