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CIRCLE: A Collective Practice for Healing the Witch Wound


The witch wound roots in every person. In people of European descent the witch wound divides, is rotted in necessary division. The witch wound separates women from their power, separates men from the feminine, carries a legacy of unbelievable violence, hatred, greed. The witch wound speaks only in duality: right/wrong, good/evil, self/other, rich/poor, divine/not, so it was an easy application onto cultures beyond. Colonialism is the witch wound. Sexism is the witch wound. Racism is the witch wound. The witch wound is globalization. The witch wound is earth degradation. The witch wound is speciesism. The witch wound is religious superiority. The witch wound is fear. It opened culturally in a psychological sequence, the same temporal arena as land privatization, the advent of large scale slavery, the colonization of so-called new worlds. These are all connected. How can we understand the fulcrum, the matrix, the axis apart?

How do we heal, reweaving threads so long torn? The answers may lie in ancestral memory.  In this circle of exploration we travel to remember through the clues in story and myth and make visible ways before the wounding.  Through experiential, embodied practices, sacred art and story showing, we may discover/re-member our unique pathways to healing and restoration. We must help each other see through eyes absent the lie of "progress," through landscape, through reclaiming a living, animist, collectively diverse worldview.We heal when we live into nonlinearity, community, sovereignty, activism, action, solidarity, regeneration, reparations, and deep listening to the wounds of others. Liberation from dominant culture and its insistence on historical superiority is dependent on addressing the witch wound. We must remember, reweave, live in to the source.  

Where does the witch wound live in you? In me it comes up as chronic anxiety, my fear of potency, visibility and waves of disconnected, unearned shame. Individualized and claimed, these patterns become imbalance...but addressed, spoken to, acknowledged, contextualized, they become essential to our growth, sovereignty and service.

This circle is a place of practice, visioned over the course of a solar year.  We meet online to share and ritually release anything no longer serving us.  Meetings are irregular but rhythmic.  In the weeks between we work through experiential practices, read and respond to writings, and develop mythic rituals to connect us with our deepest ancestral knowing. 


Enrollment is available via Patreon.

Here is what we have covered so far:

January Dark Moon: Introductions and Definitions

February Dark Moon:  Medieval Penitentials and the Wounding

March Dark Moon: All Oppression is Connected: Timelines and Lineage Wounds

April Dark Moon: The Masculine and the Witch Wound

May Dark Moon: Elemental Healing Ritual

July Dark Moon:  Mental Health and the Wound

August Lammas Waxing Moon: Meeting the Bone Mother--Death, Grief and the Wound

November: Land Separation and the Wound with Ecopsychologist Mary Good

Long ago in the north a witch was burned in the first war of the world by the Aesir gods. She was Gullveig, and through her transformation, burned three times, she lived, becoming Heid, teaching magic to sick women. Here in her seed story is a way for us to heal: thrice burned, and yet she lived. Through adversity we can transform, anneal. Burn bright.