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Magnetize Studio

Digital Workshop Cycle Begins: Late 2018

Course Description:

Twelve weeks of rich, generative classes alternating with individual consulting sessions, this studio is the kind of commitment that makes everything possible.  Classes draw you into the space of creation through ceremony, story and illuminated writing.  We begin in beauty, in community, to make manifest the vision of what we desire most:  a new business, a refreshed career, a creative project, a book, an art series, a sense of purpose, a self-fulfilling prophecy, a destiny.  And you don't have to do it alone.  You have a circle, a tribe, a guide.


In alternating weeks you receive a full hour of personal consulting in the service of your dream.  We take whatever you are creating and make it come to life through regular commitment, processing obstacles and barriers, knitting the foundational web that becomes a net to hold your integrity.  Personal consulting creates a platform to launch your dream into life:  a website, a venue, a connection, a visible space for you to shine.


Magnetize Studio is inspiration and engagement.  It is the creative fire.  It is desire made tangible.  


This studio is for anyone in any phase of the creative process.  Whatever you are gestating--a book idea, an artistic concept, a business vision, a life transition--the processes of Magnetize Studio will facilitate creation, from vision to real in only twelve weeks' time.


Using the Creative Nature

Magnetize Studio uses the natural rhythms of the earth to guide your process on the soul's journey.  You may enter the cycle at any phase, and remain for as long as you wish.  Some Creators explore in only one session, others make a full annual commitment, devoting all three seasons to their process. Begin where you are drawn, as each season is unique, each class creatively evolving, and each process--thanks to the individual consulting--distinctly personalized.


Season 1:  Plant the Seed beginning near the Winter Solstice in December, culminating at the beginning of March


Integration break:  March-April


Season 2:  Tend the Garden beginning in April, culminating near the Summer Solstice in June


Integration break:  July-August


Season 3:  Harvest the Fruits beginning in October, culminating near the cross quarter day in late December


These seasons allow for our bodies to fully process nature's rhythms.  Each one contains BIG work, but the work for every one is different.  New participants move in over the course of the seasons, and those that remain hold a place of leadership in the circle.  The Studio creates momentum, for our projects, our lives, our new stories to grow and shine.