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Meditation Journeys

Meditations journeys are a way to connect with our inner guide and access deep wisdom through our imagining. These were all created for Wild Soul School classes or events, so have a spiritual context, but they may be used by anyone with a keen interest in exploration.


Grandmothers Meditation

Connect with the ancestral mothers of your lineages.

Grandmothers MeditationLara Veleda Vesta
00:00 / 12:44

Self Love Ancestral Embodiment Meditation

The macrocosm and microcosm intersects with the miracle of your ancestral lineages through all of time.

Self Love Ancestral Embodiement MeditationLara Veleda Vesta
00:00 / 17:18

Connection Meditation

In the energetic web of all that is we may find the source of joy and purpose: connection

Connection MeditationLara Veleda Vesta
00:00 / 16:32
nornir star6.jpg

Nornir World Tree Meditation

Lore says the Nornir carved runes on the Tree at your birth. Explore the Nornir and learn what your birth runes may be.

World Tree Nornir JourneyLara Veleda Vesta
00:00 / 11:51
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