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Myth and Moon

Stories shape us...yet so many are lost to history, the revisionist tale of the dominant.  

Cycles rule us...yet we are determined to see time as linear, life as progressive.  

Culture is creative...myth and moon is a way to share and reclaim, to weave and work the web of wyrd with spirit to reflect a new reality.  When we remember the ancient, when we live by the rhythm, we become more whole.

This I wish to share.

Myth and Moon Letters are quarterly (more or less) missives inviting collaboration.  I offer what has been in my purview and share what inspires, linking work I love, people I admire, recipes tested, wishes, dreams for a more natural, ritual way of living.

Letters are free and sent with the ancient solar holy days or at a significant moon.  They are messy, organic, and an offering.  To the ancestors, to the sacred creative that lives within all.

I am on medical leave until autumn of 2019.  The next edition of Myth and Moon is dependent on healing.