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Five Tools for Community Rune Gnosis

URUZ from Wild Soul Runes: Reawakening the Ancestral Feminine

Gnosis work has transformed my life, and community gnosis with the runes has deepened and woven my spiritual experience in ways both magical and wyrd. We just began the Wild Soul Runes Community Gnosis Practice, (which is nonlinear, may be joined at any time, and available to all--more information here)--and already the potency of the creation is incredible. There are a few procedures that help gnosis thrive, and I'll be sharing them here over the next few weeks for anyone interested in developing or deepening their own community gnosis practice with the runes. Here are five tools to start:

  1. All gnosis is valid gnosis. One of the tools I use for gnosis guidance is the three rules for spiritual sovereignty, which I will be posting about next week. It these rules are supportive of simultaneous thinking, non-judgment and personal responsibility. What I love about gnosis work is it transcends today's seemingly endless emphasis on the binary (right/wrong, good/bad) and argument, and instead invites co-creation, inspiration and discussion.

  2. A gnosis group is not a class, it is a community study group. Sharing the role of facilitation--which is really just container creation--helps create an environment where all can be empowered in their gnosis. In our current gnosis group we are rotating facilitation roles and have shared administrative duties. Everyone can play a part in helping the community become.

  3. Ritual ritual ritual. Ritual practice creates the space for clear and present gnosis work. We begin and end every session with a short ritual of the facilitator's preference, which holds everyone in the sacred as we begin.

  4. Having a guide helps structure the process. I created the Wild Soul Runes book so that anyone can walk through a devotional gnosis practice with the runes. It has lots of suggestions for practices throughout the thirty-three weeks, including making rune altars, your personal rune set, and ancestral work. It also provides the rune poems in direct translation and a set of inquiry questions for journaling and meditation with the runes. While all are welcome to deviate from the structure, there is a simplicity and familiarity that is common to the circle.

  5. Keeping the nonlinear alive. Rune work is not a linear trajectory and thirty-three weeks is a long time, which is why the practice is also one we repeat--perhaps indefinitely. I have worked through the runes in nonlinear gnosis for eight years now, and each time I deepen with them something new and luminous emerges. With this in mind, the practice is by donation, and no one is expected to attend each practice. Folks can move in and out as they wish.

If you are interested in seeing a community gnosis group in action you can join the Wild Soul Runes Gnosis Group and view our past sessions/join us for a circle to see if you like it, or if you are seeking a foundation in rune gnosis the Wild Soul Runes self-study class provides a rich foundation in runic lore, ancestor work and wyrd weaving. Both classes are eligible for membership in the Wild Soul School community, a private community for creation and connection on this myth path we share.

By this and every effort may the balance be regained. ALU

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