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Links for Exploring Pagan-Heathen-Animist Spirituality

Here are some of my favorite source materials dug up in learning about my ancestors and pre-Christian peoples:

The Bosworth-Toller Anglo Saxon Dictionary

The Online Etymological Dictionary

A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic

Lady of the Labyrinth

Norse Mythology for Smart People

Ask the Viking Answer Lady

The Journal of Archaeomythology

Suppressed Histories Archives

Association for the Study of Women in Mythology

Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

Gaelic Polytheism--Tairis

Cailleach's Herbarium

Mnomquah Blog

Lamus Dworski Blog

The Medieval Penitentials

Carolyn Hillyer

Martin Shaw

The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries

The Gaelic Otherworld by John Gregorson Campbell

The Road to Hel by HR Ellis Davidson

The Well of Remembrance by Ralph Metzner

Irish Folk Ways by E. Estyn Evans : This is just a beginning, a start. I am constantly reading, translating ancient charms and manuscripts, learning about mythology and folklore, remedies and rituals.

I also host a ton of information at The Wild Soul School and on Patreon including my original translations, links to medieval texts, spells, charms, folk practices. This is me, sharing what I love with a commitment to offering accessible education with limitless scholarships and creating communities that support this work so I can offer so much of it for free.

As with anything, follow your own truth and path. Find your own synergies and correspondences. Claim your own way to your ancestral connections through inquiry and ritual, sharing and connecting. And when you share, cite your sources so that others can find their own way along the journey. This path is individual and winding. It began before birth and it never ends.

It includes art, story, nature, dance, food, imagination, joy, pain, repair.

It is all of life combined, to capture the scope of it is impossible.

Tiny steps, one word after another, and we walk the path.

Don't worry about getting it wrong, you will, I do, all the time. Wrong is part of the good-evil binary, and the binary is a myth we have created fairly recently in our humanness. We stumble and correct, we discover and share. There is only the way, love, reverence, return.

By this and every effort may the balance be regained.


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