Myth as Healer Class:

Finding Your Soul Story

Encoded in the ancient world of myth and fairy tale exist the threads of your own soul story. 


In this four week class we use methods of Story Showing, Myth Work and the Rites of Passage cycle to reveal our personal myth, practice radical truth, explore transgression in life and art while creating a story we can live into.  A story of lineage healing, a story of personal empowerment, a story of legacy.

Dates: Tuesdays 

13 Day Mythic Ritual Preparation Practice Begins on the Dark Moon March 24th

Full Moon April 7-Waxing Moon April 28

+ Beltane Integration Ritual May 1

Cost: This class is for Patrons only.  


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Each patron tier receives a variation of this class.

Circle Round patrons ($6 per month) receive the weekly mythic writing prompts.

Dark Goddess patrons ($13 per month) receive weekly downloadable workbooks plus weekly mythic writing prompts.


Coven Invisible patrons ($30 a month) receive downloadable workbooks, weekly mythic writing prompts and a weekly course ritual video.

Ancestral Weaver patrons ($150 per month) receive downloadable workbooks, weekly mythic writing prompts, a weekly course video and two 1:1 sessions to work with their own rite of passage process, receive support with myth and story work, and support the design of a mythic life.

Scholarships are available.  Please email if you have financial need.