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When I began illustrating runes II noticed the threads of wyrd appearing in all things: rivers, roots, mycelium, tree bark, the veins that carry blood, shadows beneath the ocean.  The shapes of the runes, placed concurrent to each other on an axis, formed pieces of this universal web.  I drew from rune readings, with ritual intention, capturing a moment in time.  The runes form more runes, fleshing out a breathing story in the process of art.

I call the resulting works Rune Webs and use them as a unique divination method for reading the wyrd.

Rune Reading Process Steps

The first step in a Rune-wyrd web reading is to submit payment and contact information to reserve your space.  


Readings are $300 for non-patrons and $150 for patrons.  Payments can be made via PayPal to, or Venmo @LaraVesta

Please submit your email address and your preferred mailing address with your payment so I can send you the completed original art when it is done.

Readings include a ritual rune cast, a custom black and white hand-drawn web of wyrd from your cast runes, a downloadable digital galactic web (your web overlaid on a cosmic event), and an audio recording of your wyrd reading where I interpret your runes for this cycle.

Once you have submitted payment, I will reach out to schedule your rune cast.  Here are the steps to the process:

1.  Choose a lunar-solar cycle that has resonance with you.  This can be a full or dark moon, a time of day or the week, whatever you feel called to share.  Let me know the day and time you wish for your rune cast to take place by email. If you have any information you wish for me to hold in your rune cast (dreams, visions, topics) please let me know in advance.  This can be helpful but is not necessary. Also, if you have any aversion to me working with your ancestors please let me know.  I usually call in the Dísir from any lineage I am reading for, as they are supportive of wyrd shaping, but if this makes you uncomfortable I can work with my own guides.

2.  I will let you know when I have cast your runes in ritual.  I always clear space and use the traditional method of casting runes on white linen.  The order of the runes cast and relationship between the runes are both important, so I keep a record of this when I conclude the ritual.

3.  The initial hand made rune web takes 1-2 weeks to complete.  Once I finish the web I will email you an image of the black and white web.  I usually like to sit with the web for a few days before I create the galactic web and record the reading.

4.  You will receive your audio recording and download of your galactic web on the same day, so you can view your web while listening to the recording.  Your original art web will follow by post within a few days.

I love this process because it is so collaborative. 

Each rune web represents a particular time and place and starts with a query.  Some are enduring,  drawn as blessings, shields, protective devices and sigils for a house or family.  Others are meant to be temporary---you won't see those here.  They are returned to soil or fire when their purpose is through.

I also work with the webs in the cosmos.  The colors you see in the following webs are the result of an overlay onto photos of nebulae, galaxy and star.

If you are interested in learning how to craft your own rune webs for meditation and divination there are instructions in my book, Wild Soul Runes, and a rune web workshop in the Wild Soul Runes class.

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