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Goddesses of Antiquity

From The Moon Divas Oracle Book and Deck 

Each illustration is created in ritual.  You may scroll over each Goddess to see her name.

Spirit in Place Portraits:  Portland OR

These are the Goddesses of the city where I live.  In an effort to attune more with a place-based, seasonal, earth loving spiritual plath I began connecting with places and spaces to see who "lives" there.  Land spirits, wights, faeries, beings of many names and kinds exist in most indigenous spiritual traditions.  I am not "from" Portland, and orienting myself to the personality of these lands is a way I can weave a sense of home.

Reaching out artistically also has helped me imagine new images of feminine divinity, co-creating with spirit new forms by which to receive information.   


I offer place portrait commissions for anyone interested in communicating with the spirit of their land.  Please email me for more information.


These Goddesses also appear in the forthcoming Moon Divas Oracle Book and Deck.

Elemental and Oracle Art