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Spirit & Story

Sacred Writing Workshop

“Time comes into it...

Say it.  Say it.


The universe is made of stories,

not of atoms.”

                                    —Muriel Rukeyser

"To be a human is to have a story to tell."

                              --Isak Dinesen

What will be the story that spirit tells through you?

What medicine do you carry in the tales of your becoming--your rites, your challenges, your grief, your growth?

We need each other's stories, and the time has come for us to share in the telling, nourish in the creating and invest in the birth of our stories to life.

In this five week class we will be working with a process I call Spirited Story. Through the use of ceremonial inquiry, offering, clearing the channel, automatic writing and sacred editing we will craft together inspired storytelling in collaborative community.

I will be--for the first time ever--offering my own, multi-step method for channeling story and bringing work to fruition. We will be exploring different genres and generative exercises for raising energy and seeing stories to completion. In a selection of crafted stories, poems and essays we will seek for the clue--or klew--the spool of Ariadne's thread, weaving in the labyrinth of our own tales, confronting our fears, doubts and other barriers along the myth path of writing.

At the end of this workshop you will have a body of creative work, a circle of companions and clear steps to complete and share your writing with the world.

Registration Opens May 1 for Patrons, June 1 for the public.



Syllabus Outline

Week 1: Spirit Led, Spirit Written

Course Expectations, Ritual Structure and Workshop Guide

Week 2:  Reweaving Story, Visioning The Made (Fiction)

Week 3: Telling the Truth, Sharing the Not Made (Nonfiction)

Week 4: Ancestral Rhythm, Freezing the Moment (Poetry)

Week 5: Sharing, Publication and Community

Final Reading and Celebration

Full Syllabus Will Be Available in the Spirit and Story Classroom at the Wild Soul School.


The intention of this class is to support you in developing or deepening a generative spiritual writing practice. 

Through this class you will weave an understanding of the relationship between ancestral connection, myth, ritual and writing practice; root into your trust of your own voice and creative process; source a spiritual audience for your written work; craft a body of spirit-led creative work and empower the revision process; connect in community for learning and sharing the path.

By the end of this class you will have the tools and resources and inspiration to continue your practice,.

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“Lara offers valuable skills for writing and irreplaceable opportunities for using creativity and imagination...”
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