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Our Breasts

February 12, 2015



It is uncomfortable speaking out for women's bodies.


My edges are still pressed.  There is still secrecy and shame in speaking of the womb, of vaginal steams, of breasts.  But our bodies hold our stories, and without direct relationship, without affection and appreciation for our physical being, we will continue to live patterns of dis-ease, un-health.


Some body stories I've heard:  

"I only love my fingernails."  


"I have my grandmother's breasts and I was always told to cover them up or I would end up like her."  


"When I lose ten/twenty/fifty pounds I will be able to love myself better."  


"I liked the way I looked twenty years ago."  


"I wish I had her legs."  


"Women like that are more lovable than women like me."  


"He told me he would be more attracted to me if I were in better shape."  


These past weeks in Magnetize Studio we exorcized our old stories using ceremony and the Guidebook Story Showing process.  Some of the stories we carry don't belong to us.  Some of them are ingrained deep, thousands of years of self-hate leeching from our cells.  But it is amazing.  Amazing!  What we can do together, for each other, when we start visioning a story we can own.  A story we can love.  


The work of our lifetime is to make this story, to own and love this story, to change the patterns of lineage and leave a legacy of embodied joy for generations to come.


No mean feat.  


The how is easy:  love yourself in the moment, engage your senses, practice daily self-care.  


Be big in your life.


The how is hard. Stories keep us stagnant and afraid, keep us rooted in the past, in shoulds.  When we retrain the stories, we retrain the energetic patterns of what is possible.  As we change our stories, we change our lives.


It is in community that we create new stories that sustain.

Welcome, sister.

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