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Emerging and What I Made

February 23, 2016

February leans toward its shortened end, and it is almost time for me to emerge from this chrysalis of making.  Today I feel better, more aligned, potent, possible, than I did three weeks ago.  Dropping out of the social/work swim feels like I might surface amid a mess.  Rescheduling classes, partially rebranded websites, promises made.  But in this moment, I am clear:  something has happened.





This week Ingrid Kincaid’s book, The Runes Revealed, entered its proof stage.  I created the three rune twirls above for the book, along with illustrations for all 33 runes and the cover art. The explorations of the rune twirls led me to this:




A different kind of sacred geometry.  The web of wyrd.  A rune mandala.

This making became a meditation, a sacred practice over the month.  The magic of the rune mandala is that they begin with a reading, a set of runes pulled with purpose.  But as each rune is drawn, more emerge.  Some are unrecognizable.  But there is a vibration, an activity in this that feels magic to me, resonant with power.  Here are some other rune mandalas I made this month:


I also made this lunar chart for a new book project:



One of the concepts this chart reflects is not just cycle, but simultaneity.  Our ideas about linear progression make the acceptance of cycles challenging, but many of our ancestors lived in a world that functioned simultaneously, where the past, present and future all happened at once.


It seems to me that simultaneity breaks down the efforting of dualism and linearity, allowing for strangeness, myth and magic to emerge.


A month of making.  Here it is.  Sharing the work here keeps me accountable to my processes as a maker, so thank you for participating in a co-creation.


Returning to bread work, I  have some great classes coming up:  new dates for Moon Divas Certification both online and live, an experiential Sacred Art || Wild Soul series at the amazing Nana Cardoon urban farm and learning center, and a Spirited : Social business visioning and invention immersion at Archangelo Studios.

So the art of living continues.

With love–

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