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Womb Wisdom is for Everyone

November 15, 2016

Today a young woman told me of her fear that Planned Parenthood, her only health care, would disappear.  And I've been thinking for days, months, moons, as I heal my own womb from fibroids (another story) how powerful acts of social solidarity are often, necessarily, embodied.  


When I was seventeen I saw myself as physically empowered thanks to the sweet Planned Parenthood doc who completed my first pap and counseled me on effective birth control.  


At thirty-three, as an uninsured single mother, Planned Parenthood witnessed my two young children clinging to my legs while sending me home with essential supplies.  I couldn't pay, and that was all right because in the eyes of Planned Parenthood care comes first.  Period.


There are other stories, painful and uncomfortable that I won't write about this yet.  Planned Parenthood saw me through those, too.  


Self-full-ness and sovereignty are more than just visits to a clinic.  They are long term, holistic care for sacred bodies.  They are supported and nourished by freedom and access, and they are rooted in our awareness of our own holy being.


With this in mind, on the full supermoon day, I invite you to reach out to everyone you know and reach, teach, research, understand the cycles of feminine fertility, of the womb, the ovaries, this sacred anatomy.  The more empowered we are in our wholeness, the more power we can channel into direct meaningful action.


Some Resources for this journey (these are just the beginning--if you have more recommendations please list them in the comments!):


The Moon Divas Guidebook touches on womb wisdom, menstrual cycles, self-care and is always available as a free download.  You may also choose to purchase a hard copy of the Guidebook through Inkwater Press or Amazon.  I will be donating 50% of all profits this quarter to Planned Parenthood.


Women's health advocate Samantha Zipporah has a host of resources, including a Womb Sovereignty School and Ovulation Awareness E-Book. She is rooted in work on natural fertility and holistic healing.


Author Tami Kent's books, Wild Feminine, Mothering from Your Center and Wild Creative make a beautiful trilogy on the relationship between embodied awareness and all aspects of women's lives.


Moondays Portland offers monthly Red Tent gatherings to help women honor their cycles.


Things to remember:


Womb wisdom is for everyone.  Every person on this planet was born from the womb of a mother.  The womb is source wisdom, both immanent and transcendent.  It is humanity, our literal birthright.  Womb connection nourishes all who seek to align with the sacred rhythms, the natural cycles, the power of creativity, growth, birth, death.  


The more we are ready to receive the unity and wholeness of our origins, the more we make peace with the mothers---our own, those in divinity, and the mother in ourselves--the more transformation is possible.


Root strong.






 From The Moon Divas Guidebook


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