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How to Stop Procrastinating

May 12, 2015


This is a real photo of a galaxy.


How many stars?  How much potential?  The view is overwhelming.  Let's face it:  it's easier to watch TV or go out for a beer than to fathom our possibilities in the face of the infinite.


Here is the deal:  in your little life you have some big work that needs to come through you.


And it can't come through anyone else.


Maybe it is spirit work.


Maybe it is helping others.


Maybe it is artistic, musical, literary, plant-based, food-sourced, body-centered...or all of the above.


Whatever it is, you must make it, create it, give space to it. It is your soul's longing, this expression. It is your gift to the world.


But it's not like our gifts issue forth fully formed.


Nope, they may need to be cultivated, practiced, offered a hundred (thousand? million?) times before our lives are through.  Or they may need to be offered once, in an extensive work that lasts all our days.


There are as many offerings and ways to offer as there are stars in the galaxy.


So will you be overwhelmed, or will you begin the journey of discovery that is your life's work?


To do what you've always wanted to do, you must begin.  We tend to live in an all or nothing culture, which is why crash diets and militant fitness are sold as real options and where we embrace makeovers for every aspect of our lives as a suitable alternative to living.  But to begin living the life of your hear doesn't mean you need to abandon everything and throw yourself to the cosmos.  At least, not yet.


One of the practices I teach everywhere, the most powerful tool I know for transforming our lives, is the simplest:  ten minutes of daily self-care practice.  Practice, it turns out, even at it most minimal whispers in the ears of the universe.  Daily practice of what you love most, of self-care or creative work, daily practice that answers your soul's longing tells the weave of the cosmos that you are committed.  You are ready.


For whatever may be.


Yes, this is simple.  Ten minutes every day.  It is also excruciatingly hard.  Everything in your life that is not in alignment with your vision and dreams will intervene during your practice, challenge you to set boundaries, preserve your self, to say no.  Every excuse you've ever had (tiredness, pain, guilt, worthlessness, poverty, wealth, overwhelm, underwhelm...you name it) will fly to the surface and invite you to abdicate the practice.


So you sometimes will give up and stare at the stars and wonder.


Or you sometimes will kick your own ass in gear and begin again.


But there is a third option, one crash dieters and fitness fanatics know:


Beginning Together is Power-Full


When we gather in community, when we set intentions collectively, we begin to weave a web of support for our vision that is much stronger and more sustaining than our single thread of dream.


The other night I had a dream about circles and circles of Moon Divas and Magnetize Studio classes all over the world.  When I woke I realized my work, the work of my life, in Sacred Art, in teaching, in writing is to help women believe in themselves.


When we believe in each other, we mirror a true and enduring love.  We grow stronger together, see our setbacks as natural, not failures, celebrate our triumphs as universal, to the benefit of the whole.


We need each other.  I'll repeat it again and again.  To stop telling ourselves that it is too hard, that we are not worthy, that our soul's work doesn't matter.  We need each other to hold and love and inspire.  There is enough for everyone, there is always more:  more joy, more heart, more to be done.


The divine stirs the pot, and together, through creativity and community we rise.

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