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Eordan Modor

April 23, 2017



Earth: Eordan Mordor.


According to Max Dashu's book Witches and Pagans, the roots of Earth are distinctly divine--etymologically and spiritually: Erda, Jord, Nerthus the Goddesses of the ancient Tribes of Northern Europe, the linguistic anchor for Earth. Dashu writes, "a few precious shards of folk culture remain hidden. One is the Anglo Saxon AEcer-Bot charm (29)" which begins with an offering of milk, oil and honey, turf from four corners of the land and pieces of the plants and trees that grow there. These are combined and returned to the soil with the words, Erce, Erce, Erce, Eordan Modor--a blessing, an invocation.


This is a charm for the land, a healing for the land. This is what survives for those of us who follow a path of the land: we must make offerings, we must sing songs, we must invoke the Eordan Modor. For healing, which is both reciprocal and innate.  


I am desperately in need of healing, eight years into a mysterious illness without convention or cure. So I turn to the vaettir of my land, I turn to the wights, I turn to spirit, make the offerings. Sing the songs. This year my little slice of rented urban land is richer and more vibrant than ever. Seeds planted in the fall have sprouted, roots deepen and come to fertility. The beings urge me to remedy. And this reciprocity heals me. On a deep, magical level, I feel myself beginning to restore. Slowly. Erce, Erce, Erce Eordan Modor. So may it be. .












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