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Living Where You Fear to Live

September 17, 2017

Leaning In:: "...edges come up as resistance, ignoring, preventing, discomfort, insecurity, denial, guilt...the usual seven deadly sins of self-sabotage.


Here is where our patterns attempt to hold us: By telling us we are safe in these thoughts, comfortable. The alternative is change, transformation...and these things are just plain scary... ...do something counterintuitive: lean in to your edges. Lean in to the discomforts of transformation. Lean in to any barriers you encounter on your path to self-appreciation. Lean in to the edge, press gently, and watch it give way."
--From The Moon Divas Oracle book


I drew this card today and read my own words with a sinking feeling. I've been living in a half-life ether of self-protection for months now. In the past two weeks I've been stretching and it is so hard to step out of the safety I've created. I'm afraid to overextend, to get sick again, yes, but more than this I'm afraid of exposure, the risk of showing up. But I'm called to do it more in a mandate of dreams and not so subtle universal nudging.


So this week, imperfect as it may be, I'm committing to more. The Oracle book and cards must come out, there will never be a perfect moment, I need to release this and other art. I've had lots of ideas but have been scared each time I get close to pushing through. Yet here in this image: hawthorne for the strong of heart, redwood seeds that grow the mightiest of trees. Here in this strange and beautiful world of social media: so much inspiration, people living beyond their limits in creation and sharing. There is no logic to leaping, only through.

Where are you stretching? Where do you lean? Where can you release? Where are your edges calling you forward?


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