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Craft as Ancestor

September 25, 2017

Craft as Ancestor:: In the Evans Valley where I grew up there was a visiting storyteller named Barbara Griffin who would come to our school and silence us with the spell of a tale. As a child who thought story, lived story, breathed story, she was a revelation, for before I could read or write I felt stories come, part of me, defining the world. The art of story is my ancestor, held in keeping by the sagas and skalds, the myths and legends, the whispers of the beings in the creek valleys of my home. ::
I came late, however, to art as story, but in the past few years, largely due to physical challenges, story art has become a way for the shaping of a collaborative craft.
For any of us who work in an ancient tradition (which is most, if not all of us) from healing to farming, from kitchen witching to herb wifing, from building to teaching, the craft itself is an ancestor. Somewhere in me is the memory of music, of deeds sung, magic woven. Somewhere in our cells is a draw to an expressive form that existed before history. 

In honoring, I choose to re-member my influences, among them Barbara Griffin, who taught me the value of lighting a candle, creating a spell of wonder in ritual circle for the story to take its form.
Who are your influences? What are your crafts? Where do you honor and recall the ancient memory in all?

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