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Visible Wyrd

October 2, 2017

Visible Wyrd:: Where do we snag the sacred thread? There comes a time as I prepare for any public work, teaching or offering when I want to run away to the woods and hide in the midst of non-judgement and presence. The witch wound is deep in me, the fear that being visible makes me a target. It has come up again and again in my work and in the work I witness with others, pervasive doubt, the inner voice that says who do you think you are?
One of my favorite quotes came from the poet Pattiann Rogers who said in a craft talk, "I'm not an expert in anything." By this she didn't mean she wasn't knowledgeable or intelligent, but that she was still a seeker on the path, and what she was sharing was an offering. This opening of self, to offering, to allowing the work to come through without trying to claim or hold, is what unsnags the thread and allows for healing. The work--writing, art, teaching, story, dance, drama-- is an offering. It is through us, not of us. It will be whatever spirit calls. The task of the seeker is to show up, to be okay with the discomfort of imperfection and visibility, to keep listening and making, to release the ghosting voice of out own fear and doubt.
This is how we change culture, too. By allowing what must come through to birth in us, by being imperfectly in service to the creative spark of life, by loving the process of challenge and taking, as Martha Graham says in her beautiful letter to Agnes De Mille, "leap after leap into the dark." She says, "Keep the channel open...
No artist is pleased..."
What is your offering? What are you called to make visible? Where do you need to keep the channel open?


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