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Body as Ancestor

October 2, 2017

Body as Ancestor::: this is the curve of my twenty year old body captured two decades ago. In this body lay the seed stories of my children, the ache of perpetuity in each ovary, the mandate of my lineage clear. In this body is the culmination of millions, life and death, and ultimate success for none of us would be here if our ancestors weren’t survivors. How miraculous, The you of things in all of time.
My body is the vehicle for ancestral communication—literally, I’m reminded as I fill out yet another family health history. Literally, again, as through the synapse dance of dreams my great grandmother visits me, her hair red and gleaming as she stands at the center of a golden river. Remember, she says, love is the only thing that matters.
Yesterday’s post brought up a lot for me. I am re-membering my body, re-trusting, re-wholing and especially in light of some new information, I feel grateful compassion for my own sacred, physical being. The root work begun in Moon Divas—that all transformation begins and begets with this visceral self love—continues to unfold. I think of The Moon Divas Manifesto, written so long ago—2010? 2011? “You are worthy of your own love.”

You are worthy, the ancestors say, whispering in each cell. We are.


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