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October 4, 2017




Unknow::Unknowing:: a skill of allowance and forgiveness, of releasing into what may be and letting go of our ideas around how things “should” work. In order to live into our purpose we must unknow the stories, desperate identities and familial expectations that call us away from our true home: ourselves, our gifts, this time, this earth. To unknow is to be guided and protected, to unknow is to remember something deeper and more ancient than this society allows. To unknow is to eliminate resistance to the unknown, to accept that we never get to know the whole path from the start, any more than we read a whole novel in the first sentence, the whole painting from the first brush stroke, the whole person from the first impression.
Where do you need to unknow?
Where in your life can you lean into the unknown?
How can unknowing serve your greater calling, your desire?
Where can unknowing serve your sacred fire?
From the Moon Divas Oracle book.

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