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On Solitary Work

November 11, 2017


On Solitary Work:: "We are never alone--all beings are with us and we are one with all beings...I do what my spirit remembers, what I hear inside myself, the answers that come from within. That is the path of Ancient Memory." --Cedarmoon
I began my spirit path long ago. As a little girl on 24 acres of creek bottom and mountainside, the spirits of everything spoke to me in intimacy. Without knowing why or how, I made offerings and prayers, practiced divination with wind and leaves and what I then called "angels" in the land and plants. My animals were my true companions, my horse and cat both kindred. The first argument I can remember was with an adult about whether or not animals had souls. In church I learned that my behavior was "pagan" or "heathen" without context for those words, and that there were not many indwelling spirits in the earth but only one to help us transcend the worldly. So I hid, became solitary, practiced my nameless faith alone.
With the exception of a few years this journey has been primarily solitary, though eventually shared by other solitaries on the path. I find the healing, remembering and reweaving of ancestral communication and folkways to be highly individualized yet also best when shared. Community practice has been challenging for me, leadership and strength of will, deep patterns that resist shared power or collective imagining have come up again and again. But I love loose communion with others, and have found so much nourishment in the stories, affirmations, resources and leads from those on different, diverse paths.
Is non-dogmatic, non-hierarchic spiritual community possible? I don't know. It is a dream in a dream of rooting and settling in a place, that I may gather with others to celebrate the cycles of the seasons, the ancestors and work for the earth. As I grow in practice, over a decade in now to focused, daily spirit relationships, I feel a sense of possibility, not the lonely longing of my twenties, ready to give up my gnosis and power to another, nor the teacherly impulses of my thirties, a desire to gather and lead. The possibility is to meet with a matrix to share. In hope.


  • ✨Photo by my husband, who always captures me magically (including levitating and with spirits). This photo was taken just after I’d made an offering and prayer to the tree spirit. This is when I feel most at home.💛🌲🌲🌲










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