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Descendant Blessings

January 2, 2018

  • Descendant Blessings:: My daughter took this photo. I love seeing how my children view me through the lens of years. So much of my work is a dedication to them, to their experience of possibilities in this life. Through me I hope they learn there is no one way to be a family, love people, work, be spiritual, dance with money, exercise choice, dress, do hair, dream...through this life I hope they learn our uniqueness is our strength, and we were given minds of myth and questions for a purpose. ::
    The things my children take for granted are few, their lot has not been easy or usual and the word normal isn't one we bandy about much in our home. What they can rely on though: love, focused attention, boundaries, walks and hikes and more walks in nature, library cards, chores, choices, endless support for their intentions and efforts, stories, wyrdness, more love.
    Seventeen years ago this month I became a mother. That rite of passage, powerful and, at the time, isolating, continues to transform. My children are nearly grown, we've agreed they've reached the age of independent survival even if they aren't quite cooked yet, and I find myself enjoying so much the people they are in this world. I like to think we see each other in essence, even with the myopia of parent-child relationship. In this love, perhaps, we know who we are.



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