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The Dark Goddess Project

May 31, 2018


Dear Travelers-- May the blessings and magic of this full moon find you. Right after I sent the last Myth and Moon letter I crashed into another disabling illness cycle.   This one has lasted for nearly eight weeks, with little pause.  In the depths of this transition many things became luminous:  the summer class had to be rescheduled--tentatively, hopefully— for fall, and is now called the Art of Self-Initiation.   And I have recently embarked on a slow, healing project long in my heart: Dark Goddess, The Sacred Art of Death Transitions is now becoming a book.  


In the past I've taught to create, it is a method that works well for me: make a class, then make a book from the class materials.  It is a process I recommend to anyone struggling to get a creative project off the ground.  But teaching is far too labor-intensive and demanding of my struggling, sensory-sensitive body.  So this book takes a chthonic approach, seeding in the depths of my own initiation.  


In April I applied for, and was awarded, fiscal sponsorship as an artist by Fractured Atlas, a 501c3 that accepts tax-deductible donations on my behalf.   With this status I can also apply for other funding, but only after I have raised $1000 in non-earned revenue...meaning, gifts, donations without attachment to products or services.   Grant funding will help stabilize my projects, offers resources currently inaccessible.  


So in this Beltane-Solstice letter I'm asking:   If you have benefited from my books, classes, writings, offerings, if you love this work and would like to see it root and grow,  if you believe that differences and disability should not be barriers to creation, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support the Dark Goddess project,  sacred art and the Wild Soul School.  


Donations may be one-time, or they may be made as a monthly contribution.  


There is little I can currently do about my health, or my living situation  (which is contributing to my ill health).   We are waiting for my husband to get a job, and for some assistance to find a healthy home.   I will be seeing a specialist for the first time ever this coming August, by then I will have been living with  ME/CFS for almost two years.  


But what I CAN do is make, craft, channel this death transition into some fertile compost of creation.   The act of making is healing for me, one of the only things I can do without post-exertional malaise  (when my body craps out for days after I exert myself mentally or physically).  


I will do make no matter what.  That is the mark of our gift work in the world.   We do it even when it feels impossible, even if we don't get acclaim or payment.   We do it when it is hard.  We do it because we have to.  


I invite you to make with me.  In the hopes that at the end of this cycle there will be an offering that is of exchange: beauty, growth, radiance.  


Sending you and your creations so much love. I am grateful, always, for your support.


The Dark Goddess Project a year long myth cycle exploring death transitions Tentative topics: Death in the Body Death in Relationship Death Work Tending the Bones  


The book is interactive and illustrated, incorporating aspects from the Wild Soul School classes including Ancestral Connection, the Power Class, the (forthcoming) Art of Self-Initiation and the (still free) 13 Day Ritual Practice, plus others yet unseen.  


Thanks to the generous donations of this community, we now need to only raise $800 to qualify Dark Goddess and the Wild Soul School for other funding opportunities. Please consider making a donation today.


With love and trust--



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