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Separation, Initiation, Return

December 21, 2018


And just like that, it is done.

The thing that seemed interminable, won.


After nine years of illness, two years of complete disability, I am returned.  It is a wonder, from the Old English word wundor.  A miracle, a marvelous thing.


Here's the thing about rites of passage:  we never know what will open or close a door.  Yet, when we are through there is no denying the change.  This is the power of death transitions, the mark on our lives is indelible:  before, after, the delineation clear.


So what do we do in the within?  In the midst of transformative change, while the old self dissolves, while the new is still a ghost shape in ether?


What I discovered in my long transformation is the subject of Dark Goddess: The Sacred Art of Death Transitions.  This book is in process, like so many things right now, but I am sharing the journey on Patreon, continuing the healing of this time.  Here's a few other things coming in that space:


Dark Goddess Circle Release:  This is the creativity work group where I will be sharing the Dark Goddess book pages, my creative process, and offering support and/or structure to your own.  On the Dark Moon of January 5th I will release the first pages, including an interactive call for submissions and a creative process video in our private classroom.  This is available to all patrons at the $5 and up level.


CIRCLE Healing the Witch Wound:  In the week of the Solstice I will send out readings and interactive suggestions for creating a practice around the witch wound in advance of our first meeting/gathering/ritual, which will be Friday, January 4th, from 12-1pm PST.  For those who cannot make the in-person meeting (I know we are all in a variety show of time zones and obligations), the meeting will be recorded and posted in a private classroom space.  Dates and times will shift and change, so don't despair if this one doesn't work for you.  I will be soliciting feedback on scheduling after the first meeting, so you will have an option to request a date or time that might work better for you.  I will honor scheduling requests to the best of my ability, and am exploring many options in this regard.  We will also have a forum for posting work and exchanging ideas, links to both of these opportunities will be in the Solstice reading packet posted in this space.  I am so excited to begin the process of this vital, fundamental work with you.  This opportunity is available to all patrons at the $25 and up level.


1:1 Consulting Sessions Open:  I returned to my first consulting session in over a year this week, and was profoundly moved again by the potency of experience in co-creation.  I also created a rune web for an Ancestral Weaver of Magic patron on their birthday, which would have been impossible just a two moons ago.  Sessions are ritualized and rooted in intention, give a touchstone-locus-focus to any work you are visioning, gestating, birthing into being. If you are seeking support for any life transformation, desiring clarity and accountability, or just looking to increase the magic in your cycle path, 1:1 ceremonial sessions open the way for deep, luminous unfolding.  This opportunity is available to all patrons at the top tier.  Space is limited.


Today is the darkest day in the Northern Hemisphere, Solstice, a sacred time of extremity, a time of intention and giving thanks, a time of release and blessing.  I am so grateful to share the wonder of this season in a state of grace.  May the magic you make be the love you are.


By this and every effort may the balance be regained.  ALU


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