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Join The Wild Soul School Board and Train to Teach at the Wild Soul School

As a member of the Wild Soul School Board you make nonlinear, simultaneous earth-based education possible for all who seek it.  Your donation shares a vision of sacred art, the sacred creative, the wholeness of education as community, and access as primary to any spiritual work.  

Wild Soul School Board members receive four months of intensive training, then graduate to become partners and expand the offerings of the school.  


What began as an individual project is now becoming a community endeavor.

As a Wild Soul School Board member you have received the gift of this educational work through classes, workshops, lectures, meditations and opportunities for gathering.  You are ready to carry materials from these gifts into your own vocation, and create courses and experiences that reflect your unique gifts to share

Wild Soul School Board members receive: 

**1:1 visioning sessions for the Wild Soul School and other community based educational projects, plus constructive support for creating and administrating your own Wild Soul School courses.

**Ritualized group meetings with other educators and practitioners to learn a variety of practices for building spiritual support and successfully crafting engaging offerings.

**Monthly training webinars to prepare you as you create your teaching philosophy, learn about the ethos of the Wild Soul School, the logistics of working with online platforms, how to price courses, advertising and marketing, scheduling in community and more.  Additional topics may include teaching as a practice of love, and self-care, ritual and creativity in secular settings, how to create cohesive community in online teaching, best practices for nonlinear, earth-based education and where to find quality resources to support your work. 

**Additional online training in integrative spiritual education to improve praxis and expand personal offerings.

**After completing four months of training, School Board members will have opportunities to propose and teach new course offerings at the Wild Soul School with an active student body of over 1700 and supportive collegial community.

This is an intensive commitment.  I am currently accepting our first circle of members for the Wild Soul School Board for training over the next four months.  


To be considered, please first become a patron at the Wild Soul School Board level.  


When you register you will receive an email with additional details and an application of commitment.

Once your application of commitment is approved, and you agree to the ethical and logistical requirements, you will be awarded space in this unique program.

On completion of the first four months, Wild Soul School Board members will have the opportunity to continue on the board in a non-patron capacity, teach classes at the Wild Soul School, partner as affiliates for existing Wild Soul School classes and build a cooperative community of shared interest and dedicated practice.

I have facilitated community groups for over two decades and taught at the university level for five years before becoming ill, developing programs in civic engagement, place-based learning and community mentoring.


More recently, I have graduate level training in integral spiritual education praxis and liberatory methodologies. I have discovered that in successful courses both online and live there are core components that support vibrant, transformative education and I look forward to connecting and sharing them with you on this journey!
With love--

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