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The Power Class

Hear Your Power

What happens when we consciously hear the drum song of our power?


What is possible when we have the courage to clear ancient wounds and live into our purpose?


How can we reclaim our power in a culture of avoidance, dishonesty, imbalance and acquiescence?


What is the purpose of our power, where can we place it in service to the world?


For five weeks this course weaves to reshape lineage patterns, reclaim power given away, clear the channel for our most potent work and develop a map for empowered action-transformation. This class focuses on developing personal daily power practices though art, writing, storytelling and meditations to nourish new power pathways in our lives and in the world.

This course is nonlinear and may be joined at any time.

Pathways through the Moon 

Week 1

Power as Truth

Where are you giving your power away? Who has your power? In this class we take the fire of our energy back through truth telling and agreement practice.


Week 2

Healing the Witch Wound


What is the story of power in our lineage? In this class we will examine power in context of history, culture, family and self to unravel the source of power.


Week 3

Sustenance and Seed Power

In this week we explore strategies for living power each day, claiming situations or territories to apply the potency of our birthright.


Week 4

Addiction and Action


Those who dare: This week we find channels for our power and purpose in the larger world.


Week 5

Integration: The Daring Tree of Love


For the final class we coalesce our expressions of power into a long-term vision to reshape lineage and change our lives.


All Wild Soul School classes are offered by donation, with a suggested donation of between $50-$100 per class.

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All gifts help support me in creating and reweaving new visions for living, including one where I can continue to offer this work while living in alignment with my body's disability and healing.

Please note: because of my cyclic illness, class times and dates sometimes need to be revised, extended or rescheduled. This necessary flexibility makes my work possible. Because of this I cannot offer refunds. Your donation is a gift, the classes are a gift, and by this exchange we agree to reciprocity without expectation. Sending love.

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