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The Runes Revealed Book

This project with author and teacher Ingrid Kincaid includes the thirty-three runes of ancient northern European origin.  The runes have been a most incredible part of my spiritual growth and path, connecting me with my ancestors, hidden wisdom and ancient feminine power.


When placed on an axis, the runes form shape stories in alignment with the word which defines them.  Rune means, "whispered secret" and are seen in lore not as letters but as beings.

Ingrid has worked with the runes for decades through ritual and divination.  In Portland she is known as The Rune Woman and teaches insightful, world-shattering classes on how ancient spirits can teach us how to live better and more fully where we are today.

Ingrid and I worked together for many years, and this book is the result of our co-creative partnership.

My Illustrations:

Thirty-three hand drawn rune portraits

Three rune twirls

A rune web incorporating the runes for wealth, feminine flow and the sacred seed.