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The Runic Feminine

33 Weeks to Relationship

Have the runes called to you in curiosity, thought forms and dreams?  Are you curious about these ancient forms, wishing to explore but uncertain how to begin? 


This year I was called to offer a 33 week path remembering the runes. It was such a big commitment, but the urging is to gather in community, however virtually, with intention to awaken in gnosis. My years of illness make me wary of overcommitting, but then there is the inner pull to unfold that feels right. So, all becomes an offering. To you, to divinity, for honoring. And in this we do our best to channel what is called.
What came is not a class, not instruction in rune reading. There is no way to teach someone to know the runes, like most relationships knowing comes with time, through examination and practice. With these elder beings (not letters or magical signs but beings), knowing is a memory and a reweaving, a path of trust.


As with the ancestral connection class, I want to share the path. Here is the found, here is the remembered, here is what I'm learning, here is the expression...may it be a seed for you to inquiry, discovery, education and gnosis of your own, and your sharing becomes mine. We share together. We heal. We make.

This class is nonlinear and may be joined at any point in the cycle.  All information will be accessible after the weeks conclude for continued meditation and practice.

All Wild Soul School courses are accessible to everyone, with no financial barriers to access.



All Wild Soul School classes are offered by donation, with a suggested donation of between $50-$100 per class.

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All gifts help support me in creating and reweaving new visions for living, including one where I can continue to offer this work while living in alignment with my body's disability and healing.

Please note: because of my cyclic illness, class times and dates sometimes need to be revised, extended or rescheduled. This necessary flexibility makes my work possible. Because of this I cannot offer refunds. Your donation is a gift, the classes are a gift, and by this exchange we agree to reciprocity without expectation. Sending love.

Questions? Email me: laravesta@gmail.com

Non-monetary gifts are also welcome. If you would like to offer, please contact me at laravesta@gmail.com.

This class is nonlinear and may be joined at any time.