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Reclaim Connection, Remember Life

Unlearn Online

A big part of my personal journey toward creating the Wild Soul Sanctuary is to re-member my offline life. 

Are you feeling this too?

It is complicated, multi-faceted and full of challenge, but it also feels necessary, rich and deeply connected to the ancestral animist path.

This year I'm developing a study/support group connecting offline web-weaving with ancestral animist practice. The group would meet online, at least initially, but the intention is to support us in crafting tools for reclaiming offline space and building communities with the land/people we live with. The ultimate goal will be to craft resources for others to reclaim their offline lives in sacred connection.

The initial meeting will be in August of 2023. To join please register at the Wild Soul School to be added to the mailing list. We will also have a connection space in the free Wild Soul School Community.

This offering is free, but if you are able to contribute support for the work of crafting and hosting, please consider becoming a patron. Patron contributions are a critical part of making the Sanctuary a reality, and help support my work amid the variables of chronic health conditions.

Sacred Art


Our dependence on online products is learned behavior. Together we can realign with ancestral lifeways, educate ourselves about digital hygiene and reclaim our social and community networks in-person. By connecting and sharing our processes we build new webs of support and help each other return to the real.


We have become an online culture, especially after the in-person restrictions of the pandemic. This behavior has changed the ways in which we relate and think, putting our human connections and relationships in the hands of unregulated (and largely unethical) for-profit companies.

Online can be a place for some things, and is directly supportive of certain aspects of our lives. But we can also mindfully educate ourselves and remember life offline.

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