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The Wild Soul Runes Class and Community Based Rune Practice

About the 33 Week Wild Soul Runes Live Rune Gnosis Practice

The Wild Soul Runes Class and Live Rune Gnosis Practice ran from 2021-2022 and are currently available on-demand with a dynamic sharing community on the Wild Soul School Mighty Network (sign up for Myth and Moon, register for a class or become a patron to receive an invitation). We will return live in 2023 at the conclusion of the Dark Goddess Project.

Every year I encounter people longing to connect with the runes. Some have childhood encounters with them, some see them in nature, others have them appearing in dreams, or have worked with them in the past but only peripherally, many are drawn to the runes with a deep feeling of knowing/remembering, regardless of their lineage or background. All wish to know how to begin.


This class is meant to be an answer to that longing, an exploration of shared paths and the development or deepening of a personal rune practice rooted in animist consciousness, lore and history, archaeology and the feminine powers of Northern European cosmology.

At the root of this course is the belief that the runes are not just an alphabet, not only symbols of divinatory significance, but living beings, pieces of the web of wyrd connecting all existence. The intention is to develop respectful, reciprocal relationships with these ancient forms on a journey of ancestral magic.

If you are looking to deeply connect with the runes, hone your gnosis and connect with others on the path, this is the class for you.

For thirty-three weeks we will travel in devotional meditation with each rune in gnosis community. This class includes:

  • Weekly live meetings in ritual circle to discuss our gnosis work. In the spirit of true community, these meetings will be facilitated by a variety of volunteer hosts.

  • An online community for participants in the live circles to connect as we practice together.

  • Optional regional study groups for folks who can't attend live.

  • Weekend gatherings to celebrate and connect as we conclude each third of the practice.

You are welcome to join this live practice at any time after enrollment, our practice is nonlinear and can be joined at any time.

This course is offered by donation, with a suggested donation of $10 per week, $330 for the thirty-three week course, and donations in any amount are welcome.

To make a donation, you may pay one time here, be on a monthly subscription, or become part of the patron support community for this work and receive many other benefits.

Or you can make a contribution by PayPal: or/and Venmo: @LaraVesta

All donations support the work of Wild Soul Runes and make scholarship positions available for this and other classes at the Wild Soul School. If you need a scholarship please email

This class is community based and hosted by community members on a rotating, semi-regular basis. Hosting duties include creating ritual space, facilitating the gnosis experience, and recording the Zoom meeting for upload to the classroom.

We will be working with the inquiry exercises and activities in the book Wild Soul Runes: Reawakening the Ancestral Feminine.

We hope you will join us in our gnosis explorations and the Wild Soul Runes Live Community!

By this and every effort may the balance be regained.


About the Class

In this six week class we will be opening or deepening our personal relationship with the runes, creating a dedicated rune practice, connecting with our ancestors, dísir, nornir and other helping spirits to support our runic work and working with ritual to find our methods of rune divination and direct gnosis, all in supported community.  

This class will prepare you to undertake the thirty-three week rune practice, included in the Wild Soul Runes book, and support you in creating or continuing a live gnosis group to deepen your practice in community.

**UPDATE: The Wild Soul Runes Class is now available in a self-study format. All enrolled students are eligible to join the ongoing Wild Soul Runes Live Gnosis Circle, walking with the thirty-three runes in supported community.**

We will meet four times through the class in live gnosis groups to help structure and inspire our practice and build confidence in our rune work. Gnosis groups will be recorded, and those who can't attend live will be invited to share their gnosis in the class forum. Participants will also have access to the Runic Feminine practice classroom, where the Wild Soul Runes process began, with bonus resources, art, and meditations, recordings of previous gnosis groups, and more.



The class has six weeks of course materials and videos from the four gnosis groups.

Week 1 Opening: Walking the Rune Path, Introductions

Week 2: Ritual Practice, Journey Work and Visioning, Meeting the Runes

Week 3: The Runic Feminine, The Wyrd, The Norns, Rune Altars and Earth Rhythms, Toning and Galdr

Week 4: Deepening With the Runes, Translation as a Spirit Path, Runic Archaeology, Natural Connections and Place-Based Rune Work

Week 5: Runic Divination, Rune Web Workshop, Reading for Others, Listening for Your Method

Week 6 Closing: Forward and Back, Embodied Rune Ceremony, Gnosis Sharing, Continuing the Practice

Required Texts

We will be working with my book, Wild Soul Runes: Reawakening the Ancestral Feminine.


This class has a suggested donation of $90, which includes the six week long Wild Soul Runes Class, plus three archival classes in rune lore and Northern European mythology. You may donate here, or become a patron of this work on Patreon. Patrons at the Coven Invisible level ($30 and up) receive this course and many others at no additional charge. Click here to become a patron.

This course functions as a prerequisite for the Wild Soul Runes Live Gnosis Rune Practice

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