The Wild Soul School

Inspiring Education for Life Transformation

A sacred space for ceremonial exploration since 2014, The Wild Soul School offers community supported, empowering, inquiry-based classes exploring ancestral animism, mythtelling, creativity, rites of passage, earth connection and integrative spirituality.


Our Story

The Wild Soul School began as a compliment to live classes taught in the Portland, OR area and has become a point of co-creation and collaboration for thousands of students worldwide.


Classes are offered in both live and on-demand formats and are nonlinear, meaning they can be joined at any time.


All classes are offered by donation, with multiple options for access and scholarships for folks in need. This is made possible by support from patrons and other donors.

Community support allows for a creative, dynamic educational environment, a broad and diverse community of exploration and inquiry and multiple layers of connection for belonging and growth.


Most of the on-demand Wild Soul School classes will be retiring in December of 2022. 

This means anyone enrolled in existing classes will lose access on December 31.


However, all current Coven Invisible patrons will have access to the archived courses through 2023.