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CIRCLE: Healing the Witch Wound 
Rune Altar

This circle is a place of seasonal practice, visioned in several waves over the course of a solar year. During the season, which lasts from three to four moons, we meet once per moon online to share resources, create alternatives and weave together. In the weeks between we work through experiential practices, read and respond to writings, and develop mythic rituals to connect us with our deepest ancestral knowing.


This class has been offered annually since 2019. When you register you are given immediate access all of our past seasons, including readings, materials, preparations, rituals and circle recordings.


Past season topics include:

  • The Medieval Penitentials and the Witch Wound

  • All Oppression is Connected

  • The Masculine and the Witch Wound

  • Mental Health, Magic and the Wound

  • Meeting the Bone Mother: Death, Grief and the Wound

  • Earth Grief with guest Mary Good, LMFT

  • Reflections and Intentions

  • Fear of Persecution/Paying Ancestral Debts

  • Feast of the Three Sisters

2021 Healing Season: A Year of Devotion

2021's Witch Wound Healing centered around a devotional practices, mirroring the traditions of the Dísablótand Eleusinian Mysteries in the spring. The intention behind this practice, with their opportunities for community ritual, support and gathering, is to deepen into our purpose and path while restoring connection to the earth, our ancestors and each other.

This is a different model from past years, but with the difficulty of 2020 and the collective fatigue, employing practices of nourishment felt like the priority.

The Feast of the Dísir: A Devotional Practice for Honoring the Ancestral Feminine--now available as a self-study practice in the Witch Wound Healing Circle.


The Witch Wound seasons are offered by donation, with a suggested donation of $25 for each week of practice.  Patrons at the Coven Invisible level and up ($30 a month) receive all self-study online Wild Soul School courses, plus other rewards, with no additional cost.

The Witch Wound Circle is not meeting live during the Dark Goddess Project in 2022. Until then you can access all of the prior Witch Wound Healing Seasons and join the Wild Soul School Community on Mighty Networks for communion and Sharing..  The Feast of the Dísir is also available as a separate self-study program.

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