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Sacred Community


Thanks Gifting



Thanks gifting is an ancient concept in my lineage traditions. It is where offerings are made in wholehearted gratitude, not in supplication or enticement. 

My work is a thanks gift. I am lucky to have survived and I offer in gratitude for this miraculous life. 

Patron contributions are a thanks gift, enabling me to continue offering. In this cycle of reciprocity I am able to give full scholarships for all of my classes to anyone who asks, keep prices low and provide access to many experiences and resources for free.

If you would like to join our community of sacred thanks gifting, read on to learn about Patron only projects, opportunities and benefits.

Why Patreon?

Patreon is the support community for my work of education, writing, sacred art, ritual and community creation.  Patrons at every level make it possible for me to live and work in alignment with the myth cycles of illness and wellness. 


On Patreon I share things unavailable elsewhere, including storytelling, seasonal rituals, sacred art, creative process tutorials, behind the scenes work on my book and writing projects, along with downloads and resources that have been helpful to me in my ancestral/spiritual journey.  I also offer patron-only events and gatherings several times a year, opportunities to engage and ask questions.  Patron sponsorship of this work is a tremendous gift, allowing me to work in the old, ancestral way of community support.

What Patrons Support

Circle Round is the sustaining circle of donations for my offerings, including those that love Myth and Moon letters, the Year of Ceremony information, storytelling, ritual talks and curriculum creation. Folks join the circle and become a part of this community, creating in the midst of challenge and change.

The Dark Goddess Creativity Community supports the creative intersection of image and word inherent in my many handmade and drawn art projects. Support includes a sharing of the practices and systems I use for channeling creation in the midst of physical challenge, prompts and creative inspiration, and opportunities for feedback and guidance through the making of our art.

We are the Coven of the Invisible, so named for the magic inherent in invisible disabilities, the Coven is woven of all abilities and allies on this myth path we share. The Coven supports the creation of my books, storytelling and writing projects, along with educational opportunities in alignment with my illness cycles. Support includes a private classroom with exclusive resources, including archived classes from the Wild Soul School's long history not available anywhere else.

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