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Thanks gifting is an ancient concept in my lineage traditions. It is where offerings are made in wholehearted gratitude, not in supplication or enticement. 

My work is a thanks gift. I am lucky to have survived and I offer in gratitude for this miraculous life. 

Patron contributions are a thanks gift, enabling me to continue offering. In this cycle of reciprocity I am able to give full scholarships for all of my classes to anyone who asks, keep prices low and provide access to many experiences and resources for free.

If you would like to join our community of sacred thanks gifting, read on to learn about Patron only projects, opportunities and benefits.

Why Patreon?

Patreon is the support community for my work of education, writing, sacred art, ritual and community creation.  Patrons at every level make it possible for me to offer most classes with generous discounts and to provide full scholarships to all who ask.  


I began my Patreon when my application for social security disability was denied.  Patrons reinforce my commitment to offering educational access at the Wild Soul School and allow me to work with the medical limits of my dís-ability as reconnective and healing.  I am forever grateful for this opportunity and the joyful community of patronage.


On Patreon I share things unavailable elsewhere, including storytelling, seasonal rituals, sacred art, creative process tutorials, behind the scenes work on my book and writing projects, along with downloads and resources that have been helpful to me in my ancestral/spiritual journey.  I also offer patron-only events and gatherings several times a year, opportunities to engage and ask questions.  Patron sponsorship of this work is a tremendous gift, allowing me to work in the old, ancestral way of community support.

This year I am offering two patron-only opportunities: The Dark Goddess Project, including the Coven Online Option and the Year of Ceremony and the Wild Soul Runes Live Gnosis Community Practice.

Patrons also are consulted about the classes and experiences they would like to see going forward, so join now and help me plan for 2023!

Patron Tiers and Benefits

Sustaining Circle for Sacred Art and the Wild Soul School. Benefits include Downloads, Ebooks, Meditations, Stories, Exclusive Invites, Patron-Only Projects, Classes and Events, Discounts on Rune Readings and Ritual Talks. 

The Dark Goddess Creativity Community is the portal for web weavers eager to connect and share.  In addition to all Circle Round rewards, Dark Goddess Creativity participants receive prompts and creative inspiration, opportunities for feedback and guidance through the making of our art.

We are the Coven of the Invisible, weavers on the myth path. In this sacred circle we connect, co-create and make magic. Coven members receive all previous rewards plus instant access to ALL on-demand classes, tuition discounts and a private classroom with exclusive resources.

Rune Weavers are members of the Coven Invisible and receive all of the previous rewards plus rune readings each moon (a $300 value) and private instruction for creating a personal rune divination practice, enrollment in the Wild Soul Runes class and practice, and a rune web reading for the occasion of their choice.

Ancestral Weavers of Magic are ancient and the future both, the sustenance of this entire vision, crafting new patterns to live by, new cycles to live in and a deep love for the gift of the sacred creative.  In addition to all previous rewards, Ancestral Weavers receive monthly 1:1 live mentoring sessions to bring their heart wish to birth.

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