Patreon and the Coven Invisible

The Names of the Witches in European Fol
The Names of the Witches in European Fol

The names of the witches in European folk religion. Patrons at the Coven Invisible level and up receive art prints and other gifts.

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Dark Goddess Insights
Dark Goddess Insights

Patrons support the creation of art, classes and books, including my recent rune book (forthcoming) and the Dark Goddess handmade manual for navigating death transitions. I share my writing and creative process, and offer tutorials on creativity and sacred art in the community.

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Rune Web Wyrd Readings
Rune Web Wyrd Readings

Patrons at the Ancestral Weaver level receive a custom rune web and reading on their birthday each year. All patrons receive 50% off rune web readings.

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Ancestral Calendar
Ancestral Calendar

A version of this calendar along with ritual tools, garden goods and a handcrafted zine was included in the first Coven Invisible ritual kit.

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Patreon is the support community for sacred art, myth and story.  Patrons at every level make it possible for me to offer most classes by voluntary donation with no financial barriers to access, and to provide full scholarships for live classes.  Patrons also support physical difference, enabling me to live and work in alignment with my disability.I began my Patreon when my application for social security disability was denied.  Patrons reinforce my commitment to offering education without barriers at the Wild Soul School and allow me to work with the medical limits of my dís-ability as reconnective and healing.  I am forever grateful for this opportunity and the joyful community of patronage.


On Patreon I share my storytelling, seasonal rituals, sacred art, creative process, behind the scenes work on my book and writing projects, along with first run images, downloads and resources that have been helpful to me in my ancestral/spiritual journey.  I also offer patron only events and gatherings several times a year, opportunities to engage and ask questions.  Patron sponsorship of my work is a tremendous gift, allowing me to work in the old, ancestral way of community support.

This coming year I am offering two patron-only opportunities: The Dark Goddess Project and the Wild Soul Runes Live Gnosis Community Practice.

Patrons at every level receive rewards.  Current patron rewards include:

Monthly ritual talks on creativity and artistic process from a spiritual perspective.

Moon Stories: oral retellings of ancient tales

Priority registration and significant discounts on live classes and experiences.

In process project sneak peeks and behind the scenes inspiration I don't share anywhere else.

Research and extensive resources for ancestral research, folklore, seasonal holy days and more.

Custom rituals for the quarter and cross quarter days in alignment with ancestral traditions.

Meditations and journeys and downloadable sacred art...

...and so much more!


Coven Invisible is a witchery of patrons supporting the Wild Soul School and my sacred art writing projects:  Dark Goddess: The Sacred Art of Death Transitions, an interactive, handwritten and illustrated guide to navigating the difficult transitions and The Myth Path: A Journey of Self-Initiation. I weave between course creation and writing, art, editing. Your contribution makes possible a focus on this work.

Your benefits as patrons at this level are substantial, because the Coven offers me fiscal sovereignty and allows me to complete this work in alignment with my dís-ability.

Benefits of Coven Invisible include:

--membership in this private coven classroom, where I house all of my current and past patron work for easy access, along with academic resources, video tutorials, seasonal ritual practices, rune casts and ebook downloads of past and current work

--Access to ALL self-study Wild Soul School courses, including some archived courses not publicly available, plus priority registration and discounts for Wild Soul School live intensive classes and workshops

--exclusive access to Coven Invisible offerings, which include but are not limited to: gatherings, rune web reading discounts, first dibs on handmade ritual tools, research and resource referral, lectures and writing on topics such as ancestral connection, ritual practice, initiation and rites of passage, creativity, living with dís-ability, runes, divination, witchcraft, writing and more

--opportunities for feedback and participation in the creation and production of the Dark Goddess and Coven Invisible books, and inclusion in the finished product

--quarterly seasonal lore and/or gatherings (health willing!), including writings on magical garden herbs, historical spells and charms, sacred art, divination tools and solar-lunar support for the turning time.


After nearly three years of unemployment and fourteen months of waiting, my application for Social Security Disability Insurance was denied. The person deciding my claim stated that I could return to full-time university teaching with ME/CFS/CIRS, a direct contradiction of my doctor who has mandated I limit my cognitive and physical activities to 15 hours a week in order to avoid relapse. The heartbreak of yet another person denying my reality was staggering. I spent a week in grief.

Then, I decided to take action.

I know that my writing matters, my art has a place, that my voice has helped some of you navigate your own dís-ability, or entertained you with myth, or moved you to tears, or opened your mind to new academic paths...I believe in my work. So I thought I would try an experiment: can I raise donations to support these projects?

All patron donations are joyful reciprocity, but Coven Invisible community members help keep the Wild Soul School alive and accessible. In my life, Coven Invisible supporters become a sustaining circle, offering a true social security. In the years since my disability denial my health has been variable due to COVID, long-COVID, and my medical limitations remain. But Coven donations have helped me keep the focus on healing, offering, art and writing and to not lose hope.  

I believe this is possible. I believe in our collective power. I believe that we can support each other in creating new ways of being in this life and world.

So, dear one, if you are here, contributing, co-creating, supporting, making this magic true, I honor you.

With blessings and balance and gratitude--