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These current projects all have live or interactive components, opportunities for you to join and connect in community.  This list changes depending on the season and/or offerings. For the most up to date information, become a patron or join the Wild Soul School.

Year of the Dark Goddess.jpg

Year of the Dark Goddess

Join the circle in celebrating the birth of this book! We are planning two live, in-person parties along with other events, classes, collaborations and opportunities. 

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Unlearn Online

Join a circle of exploration, study and support for unlearning online behaviors and remembering offline life. This project is free to join and meets live once per moon to share information and resources.

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Olden Practice

This exploration of ancestral crafts, skills and traditions is rooted in a desire to reclaim lifeways of connection and meaning. Part blog, part challenge, part practical application, Olden Practice includes a Substack newsletter and a site for exploration and learning.

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