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In the world of myth and magic there once lived a woman with an ear for the wind. She lived in a moon blessed house somewhere between the seasons. She was quite young, and so very old. Lean in, child at the edge of the world, for her story has something to say to you.

We are made of stories, every aspect of our lives a tale. Yet we have forgotten how to connect with the mirror of healing inherent in myth, and so the difficult stories in our lives--rites of passage, death transitions, massive transformations like illness, divorce or childbirth--are born into the world devoid of mythic meaning.

At the core of my work is a desire to restore our relationship with the greater ongoing stories, find sacred tales from our lineages that support and nourish our current transformations--or celebrate and integrate an old rite of passage that left a hole in our soul.


My hope is that we will find our place in the world of myth and magic, curl at the hearth of the ancient grandmothers, and listen as they sing to us our new names.

When did you stop believing your life was a story worth telling?

When did the magic leak out of your daily experience?

Where have you lost your will, or voice, your song or power?
Where are you at in the myth cycle of your journey?

What are your death transitions teaching you?

What rites of passage are you missing?

What is your deepest longing?

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

When I became deeply ill in 2018, finding a story is what sustained me. Imbuing my own experience with the elements of story helped me transform my experience of chronic illness and dís-ability into a rite of passage process, so that with each underworld descent I could emerge stronger, less scared, visibly transformed. This apprenticeship to myth became central to the creation of the Dark Goddess Project and is at the core of the Year of the Dark Goddess book.

I see mythtelling as a space of exploration and resource sharing, binding together a love of myth and a willingness to listen.

In 2019 I began telling oral stories for patrons, committing ancient tales to heart, letting them tell themselves through me..  This offering has transformed both my life and craft. 

There are more Moon Stories available on my Vimeo, and all of the Moon Stories I've told since 2019 are archived in the Wild Soul School Member classroom.

Mythwork and mythtelling are central to the Myth as Healer class (self-study) and the Dark Goddess Project, both available as archival classes for Wild Soul School Members until new sections are offered.

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